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Y and YR series squirrel-cage and slipping type three phase induction motors

        Y and YR series squirrel-cage and slipping type three phase induction motors(frame size710-1000) and series YKS,YRKS motor derived from Y and YR series are the latest products researched and produced by our company on the basis of advanced manufacture technique of overseas, and also comply with the China National Standards: GB/T13957 and corresponding standards. Such series motors are renewal products for large type alternating current three phase induction motors.
        These series motors are designed with the optimized design technique of computer. With the material chosen exquisitely and products excellent technique, such motors are engineered with many remarkable features such as high efficiency, low noise, small vibration. Lightweight. Reliable performance, easy mounting and maintenance etc.
        These series motors have two voltage degrees: 6kV and 10kV, the basic protection degree of enclosures is IP23(Y,YR series) and IP44(YKS, YRKS series). Pipe-ventilated type protection degree is IPR 44 according to customer`s requirements. If the other protection degree such as IP24 and IP54 etc are required by users, the company can also supply after consulting. The basic mounting arrangement is IMB3, cooling has two ways that is IC01(Y,YR series)and IC81W air-water cooling form(YKS,YRKS series). The air-air cooling (IC611) motors required by users can be also supplied after consulting.
        Series Y/YR large type three phase squirrel-cage induction motors (frame size 710-1000) are suitable for driving mechanical equipment of light load starting such as ran, water pumps, compressors etc. Series YR,YRKS (frame size 710-1000) large type three phase induction motors of the winding of slipping type are suitable for driving to the mechanical equipment of heavy load starting such as the rollers, grinders, lifters and breakers etc.
        The motors are permitted to start directed by full-voltage. If load torque is not big, the step-down starting will be applied. While step-down starting, starting torque depend directly on the voltage square approximately, the ratio is reduced, cooling-starting twice and thermal starting once is permitted.

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