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SeriesYB 355-450 high voltage middium-sized flameproof three phase induction motors

        YB series high voltage middium-sized flameproof three phase induction motors(Frame Size355-450)are totally enclosed self-fan-cooled squirrel-cage motors with the advanced world level designed by Nanyang Explosion Protection Group Co, Ltd. Plant itself.
        At present the second generation products. Which carry forward the excellent features of the firstgeneration and absorbthe advanced technologies in the world. The motors are characterized with many remarkable features, such as compact construction, light weight, weight, large output, high efficiency energy-saving, large margin of safety in temperature-rise, fine performance, little vibration, lownoise, good flameproof properties, high reliability, interchangeability and easymaintenance etc. YB series H355-450 motors; output ranges from 160kW to 500kW in conformity with the latest Chinese National Standards and IEC Standards.
        The motors are manufactured with flameproof structures in accordance with the Chinese National Standards GB3836.1-83” Electrical Apparatus For Explosive Atmospheres General Requirement and GB3836.2-83” Electrical Apparatus For Explosive Atmosphere” Flameproof Electrical Apparatus “d”-The flameproof groups are marked by d I, d IIAT4, and dIIBT4, suitable for hazardous locations where explosive gas and air mixtures exist. “d I” is suitable for the locations where the explosive mixtures containing methane or coal dust exist, but nit for the coal mining surface. “d II AT4” is suitable for plant locations where the explosive mixtures of Group II B,Temperature Class T1-T4 exist.The protection degree of motor enclosure and the terminal box is IP54,IP55 can also be met. The motors may be manufactured for use in wet-tropical locations(TH) or outdoor application(W).

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