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Series YB(H560~710)High Voltage Flameproof There Phase Induction Motors

        Series YB(H560~710)High Voltage Flameproof There Phase Induction Motors are new products which are designed with the combination of the design and manufacture technique of high voltage flameproof motors introduced from Siemens of Germany and production experience of the Company obtained for ages. This series motors have many remarkable features such as compact construction, lightweight, excellent performance, little vibration,low noise, safe and reliable operation and easy maintenance etc. This series motors are the products superseding Series JBO Motors. For this series motors, the output ratings and mounting dimensions conform to the specifications of China National Standards, IEC Publications and Germany Standards. 
        The motorscan be used to complete in the export machinery and equipment and supply as spare accessories in the import equipment. This series motors are designed and manufactured into flameproof type and the flame-proof property conforms with China National Standard GB3836.2 Electrical Apparatus for Explosive Gas Atmospheres Flameproof Electrical Apparatus “d”. They are safe to use in the locations where there are explosive gas mixtures and can be used to drive ventilators, water pumps and compressors etc
Output range: 315~1800kW;
        Synchronous speed; 3000, 1500, 1000, 750r/min;
        Height of shaft center: 560,630,710mm;
        Explosion protection marking: d I, d II AT4, d IIBT4 and de II CT4;
        Cooling form: IC511;
        Degree of protections: IP44 (also IP54) for the main bodies and IP54 for terminal boxes.
        The performance index, mounting arrangement and overall dimensions of Flameproof three phase induction motors for outdoor (W type), tropical humidity (TH type), and outdoor tropical humidity (WTH type) environments which are modified from Series YB are the same with that of the basic series motors.

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