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Series Y & YKK & YKS HV Three Phase Induction Motors ( Frame size H355~630 )

        Series Y、YKK、YKS HV three phase induction motors (frame size 355~630) are the newest products produced by our company in 1990’s. These series motors produced by our company are the optimized serial products, combing with the design and manufacture experience of long-term and steady producing high voltage motors. On the basis of absorbing manufacture technique of high voltage motors introduced Siemens of Germany.
        These series motors are adopted new technique, material and technology of 1990’s. With the material chosen exquisitely and the products excellent workmanship, such motors are engineered with many remarkable features such as high efficiency, energy saving, low noise, small vibration,lightweight, reliable performance, easy mounting and maintenance etc.
        These series motors conform to China National Standard GB755 “Rotating electrical machines –Rating and performance”, China Industry Standard JB/T7593 “Series Y High-voltage Three Phase Induction Motors Specifications (frame size 355~630)”, JB/T10315.1 “Series YKS、YKS-W、YQF High-voltage Three Phase Induction Motors Specifications (frame size 355~630)”, JB/T10315.2
        “Series YKK 、YKK-W High-voltage Three Phase Induction Motors Specifications (frame size355~630)”, Q/NF234 “10kV Three Phase Induction Motors Specifications (frame size 450~630)” and International Standard IEC34. The machining size and tolerance of all parts conform to the corresponding China national standards and international standards. For these series motors, the protection degree on enclosures is IP23, IP44 and IP54, IP55, cooling form is IC01, IC611 and IC81W etc. and mounting arrangement is IMB3. The motors with other corresponding protection degree, cooling form and mounting arrangement can also be supplied on customers’ requirement.
        These series motors with tropical humidity type (TH type), tropical arid type (TA type), outdoor type (W type), outdoor neutral chemical corrosion resistance type (WF1 type) and outdoor tropical humidity type (WTH type) are also available.
These series motors can be used to drive various general-purpose machines, such as compressors, water pumps, crushers, cutting lathes, conveyors and other mechanical equipments installed in mine, mechanical industries, petrochemical industries and power plant etc. and can be used as drivers.

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