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Series YAKK & YAKS High-voltage Increase-safety Three-phase Induction Motors (Frame size: 710~100)

        Series YAKK & YAKS high-voltage (6kV) increase-safety three-phase induction motors (frame size 710~1000) are the serial products developed and manufactured by Nanyang Explosion Protection Group Co., Ltd. (CNE), combining with the design and manufacture experience of long-term and stable producing high- voltage three-phase induction motors, on the basis of absorbing manufacturing technology of high-voltage motors introducing from Siemens of Germany. Adopting the new technique, material and technology in the 1990s, and being of excellent workmenship, these series motors have many remarkable features such as compact construction, lightweight, high efficiency, low noise, small vibration, safe operation and easy maintenance etc.
        These series motors conform to China national standard GB/T755 Rating and Performance for Rotating Electrical Machines, industry standard GB/T13957 Technical Requirement for the Fundamental Series Three-phase Large Asynchronous Motors (frame size H710~1000) and international standard IEC34,and explosion protection property of these series motors conforms to GB3836.1 Electrical Apparatus for Explosive Gas Atmospheres
        Part 1: General Requirements and GB3836.3 Electrical Apparatus for Explosive Gas Atmospheres
        Part 3: Increase Safety “e”. The machine dimensions and tolerances of all parts conform to corresponding China national standards and international standards.
        For the enclosure of these series motors, the degree of protection is IP44, IP54 and IP55, cooling form IC611 and IC81W and mounting arrangement is IMB3. Available are the motors with the different protection type, cooling form and mounting arrangement according to customer requirements.
        Rated voltage :6kV
        Power range :400~4500kW
        Synchronous speed :500, 429, 375, 333 and 300r/min
        Shaft centre line height:710, 800, 900 and 1000mm
        Ex mark :ExeⅡT1, ExeⅡT2 and ExeⅡT3
        Based on these series motors, outdoor type (W type), tropical humidity type (TH type) and tropical humidity outdoor (THW type) three-phase induction motors have been modified. The performance index and mounting and overall dimensions are the same with those of the basic series. 

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